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Excellence is important to us, so we strive to be the best in every aspect of our business and the commercial plumbing industry. We do this by keeping open communication and fostering a relationship of trust with our suppliers, customers and clients. Our clients are our most valued assets and our client’s needs will always come first. We vow to keep an open line of communication to keep our actions transparent.  We treat each other, our clients and our suppliers with the utmost respect and honesty to create and keep a harmonious and safe working environment.

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We provide only the best plumbing services and products.


We vow to keep our actions transparent.


We implement new plumbing techniques and technologies.


We treat everyone with respect and honesty.

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Dells Plumbing is a preferred Geberit and Pluvia installer. We are up to date with international standards and regulations so we bring new and innovative ideas to commercial plumbing in South Africa. Being internationally trusted does not mean we aren’t in tune with what’s happening on the ground in South Africa. We are a level 7 BEE Company and we are committed to the personal growth of every staff member.


Level 7 BEE



Quality Comes First
Dells Plumbing Group caters to commercial plumbing demands by providing goods and services that set high standards for reliability, durability, quality and value for money.Not only do we understand the importance of continual improvement, but we value it. We frequently set new goals and are constantly reevaluating and reviewing old ones throughout our business operations.
The Management Brains Behind Dells Plumbing Group

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We believe that quality stems from our management team and our staff’s commitment to excellence and service. It is our policy to maintain an effective and efficient quality management system.

Mike Dell - Director & Founder

Mike Dell is a member of the Plumbing Federation of South Africa, and he is a qualified plumber himself. You can contact Mike at

Blake Dell - Contracts Director

Qualified Plumber. Contracts Director. Research and development of new ideas within the engineering department. You can contact Blake at

Simone Platt - Finance Director

Simone manages key accounts and is in charge of administration and staff management at Dells Plumbing Group. You can contact Simone at

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Our specialist approach keeps the company growing.

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