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Commercial Plumbing Maintenance.

Dells Plumbing Group offers our commercial plumbing maintenance services to large commercial or industrial buildings. Our commercial plumbing maintenance services offer the repair or replacements of;

Drain Cleaning

Pressure Valves

Leaking or Blocked Drains

Dripping Taps

Burst Water Pipes

Geyser Replacement

Commercial Plumbing Maintenance Contracts

At some point or another, it is inevitable that a plumber will need to be called in to repair anything from leaking or blocked drains, burst pipes, dripping taps to broken pressure valves. Solve these small problems before they become big ones with our plumbing maintenance contracts. Because we deal with commercial and industrial projects, we provide a monthly maintenance service that is carried out by our over-qualified team.

Service Guarantee Agreements

On completion of your construction project, not only will you be given a Certification of Compliance (CoC) but you will also be given our Service Guarantee Agreement to assure you that we have done everything in our ability to leave you feeling calm and in good hands when we leave a site.

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