Changing The Way Of Plumbing Installations

Commercial Plumbing Prefabrication

Dells Plumbing Group are pioneers in the construction plumbing industry and they have been leading the pack when it comes to innovative plumbing solutions such as commercial plumbing prefabrication. Typically when dealing with construction and plumbing the go-to in the past has been to use the old-school method of ‘break and build’ which was a slow and costly exercise. This is because you would need to build the walls, then break sections in the newly built walls to install the pipes, and then rebuild the walls once the installation has been done. Using prefabricated plumbing allows us to custom build our pipes to suit the site and project which can then be installed while the building process is happening. Which therefore makes the whole process quicker, easier and more cost effective.

Benefits Of Prefabricated Plumbing

Saves Time

You save time using prefabricated plumbing because it allows you to work on two phases of construction at once – and by not using the ‘break-and-build’ method you save on installation time too!

Pressure Tested

The prefabricated plumbing can be pressure tested off-site to ensure that there are no complications once installed. This again saves time on the construction site as it reduces time spent on the site.

Reduces Risk

Using prefabricated plumbing means that there will be fewer workers on site for shorter periods of time. This means that access control and risk assessment is much simpler because of the reduced risk.

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