We Offer In-House Tendering.

Commercial Plumbing Tenders

As a leader in South Africa’s commercial plumbing industry, we offer our clients design and supply contracts. These contracts are designed to meet the projects needs and client’s budgets. We’ve been in the industry a long time so we price tenders competitively – which enables Dells Plumbing Group to be a market leader in quality workmanship. We understand the principle of contracting, which allows us to support the main contractor to ensure successful and hassle-free contracts.

Subcontract Tendering

Subcontract Tendering is the process of assigning part of the tasks and obligations in a contract to another party known as a subcontractor. Subcontracting is necessary when there are complex projects such as commercial construction projects. Because Commercial Plumbing is such a niche market, Dells Plumbing Group is the best choice. Dells Plumbing Group specialises in Subcontract Tendering and takes responsibility for our project’s completion and execution within the deadlines and parameters stipulated in the contract by the general project manager.

Subcontracting Bills of Quantity

Dells Plumbing Group offers subcontracting the Bill of Quantities and offers prices for the Bill of Quantities for plumbing contractors. We provide a detailed statement of work, prices, dimensions, and other details, for the erection of a building’s plumbing by contract. We look at materials, parts, and labour, as well as their costs, and we itemise them. At Dells Plumbing Group, our Bill of Quantities analysis also details the terms and conditions of the construction or repair contract. This allows us to calculate the price of the work for which we, as subcontractors, are bidding for.

Companies we have subcontracted for;

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